Game 4 - 2009/08/20

During a nap, the party found themselves in a strange place, dark mists curling around their heads. Dimly seen ahead is a imposing edifice, like a massive drill has punched up through the earth. Behind the party, a archway of decaying bones squats, a yawning engulf of blackness in it’s maw. Two hooded figures stand to either side. As the party attempts to decipher their situation, they manage to strip the robes off one of the figures, revealing a ghostly mage. Meanwhile the doors of the building behind them open and an army of skeletons marches out towards them. Being unable to physically interact with their surroundings, Merlin strides through the bone archway into nothingness, and awakes where he slept. The others soon follow, though Lloric and Gladric forswear the bone gate, instead walking into the temple from which the skeleton army came forth.

Finding themselves back in normalcy, the party investigates the room to their north, finding a torture room with goblins inside, one of which is a meaty fellow wielding a hot poker. Lloric vaults a table and crashes into the butcher, who holds his ground. A second shove however sends him squealing into a fire pit, scorching his back. He gets to his feet but is soon consumed by fire and hammer blows. Roaring in triumph, Lloric rips the leather mask from the bloodied and burnt corpse and shoves in on his face. The rest of the party soon vanquishes the other goblins, including two archers who became trapped in a cage.

The party discovers a glum looking trapped goblin called Splug, who in exchange for freedom promises to give information on the dungeon. He hands over a map of level 1 and begins to guide the group towards the ‘Death Cultists’, with Gardain keeping a watchful and suspicious eye on him.

Splug leads the party to a series of corridors, telling them to be careful of the runes, as they have some unknown magic effect. The party begins to tip-toe to the north but Lloric hears the unmistakable groans of zombies and immediately panics, running west yelling “ZOOOMBAAAAIIIESS!”. Startled, Gardain who was just timing a jump over a rune, stumbles and activates it, sending a magical pulse outwards in all directions. Some of the party is gripped with terror and immediately flees southward, but recovers quickly. The situation devolves into a melee against zombies from the south, joined by a group from the north. The party quickly dispatches the threat and is guided north by Splug (who is untouched by the previous battle).

Stairs to the north descend downwards, and Splug says “Death Cultists down there!”




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