Game 5 - 2009/09/10

The party stands at the top of the stairs descending to the Death Cultists. Merlin notices a suspicious looking wall to the east however, and the party investigates, unlocking a secret door and finding a small, empty room. Marlo quickly notices a shimmering effect around the eastern wall and Lloric boldly steps forth, putting his hand up to touch the wall only to see it pass through. Not one for labouring too long in thought, he steps through and finds what looks like a small armoury, with 4 sarcophagi lining the walls. He has just enough time to process this before shadowy blades pierce him from multiple angles, bringing him to his knees. Hearing him grunt and crash to the floor, the party rushes forwards to engage, finding four dark, ghostly soldiers with blazing blue eyes standing over Lloric. As the party engages the insubstantial creatures, they find them frustratingly hard to damage, and spend a good deal of time trying to puzzle it out. Eventually Marlo has a brainwave and is able to determine that because these creatures are insubstantial, damage being dealt only half as effective – although radiant damage seems normally effective.

After grinding the shadows into tatters, the party realises that Splug is nowhere to be found. Gardain figures he legged it when Lloric was ambushed and is now long gone out of the keep. The party then decides to take an extended rest, safe behind the double defence of a secret door and illusory wall. After 8 hours they awake and prepare to head downstairs, but Gardain recieves a strong complusion from Mordain to investigate to the south. He senses danger but also reward. The party travels south past corridors still strewn with rotting undead, and finds a long, musty room, lined with sarcophagi 10 in number. Gardain is unable to read an inscription on one, but deciphers their purpose – guardians of a holy soul, probably interred nearby. The party cautiously moves east along the room, seeing it open out a bit further forward, with a silvery light coming from a vaulted roof currently out of sight. Altars to an unknown god can just be seen around each corner.

As they pass the second to last set of sarcophagi, they open with a concussive bang and as dust swirls through the air, armed skeletons step forth and set themselves against the party! The battle moves on, with magical fire and holy light piercing the skeletons, and Marlo dancing away from arrows and blades on top of a sarcophagi. Just as it seems the battle is winding down…BANG! Another ten skeletons jump forth to confront the party. The battle wears on and Merlin and Gladric fall. On his last legs, Gardain makes a desperate effort to enter the open area and pray at an altar for assistance. He enters the open area but is cut down from behind. As he falls to the ground, he sees the Platinum Dragon above, wings outspread across the silvery dome that tops this room. Soon after, Lloric and Marlo go down under the relentless blades of the skeleton warriors.

The party lies unconscious and dying. Sensing no further threat to their charge, the skeletons shuffle back to their respective sarcophagi, and the doors shut with a muffled thud.

Dust settles, and Moradin looks on in grim remorse.




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