Game 9 - 2009/12/02

With a snap of my fingers

An excerpt from the memoirs of Gardain Wheezebottle

Having negotiating the traps and pits of undead placed to kill the unwary intruder to this deep, dank place, we came finally upon a room worthy of mention: A once majestic cathedral, now ruined by time and the machinations of Orcus. From a blood-soaked dias across the room, a low priest of that undead scourge turned an sent his minions forward to destroy us. Ha! I remember at the time being eager to test my god’s will against those pathetic, drooling vampire spawn. However, for now my eyes were fixed on the fleeing figure of that destable homoculous, fleeing like a rat from our blades. As I gave chase, a blast of radiance hurtled past me to take out the creatures arm. I could smell the kill, but then a pair of howling muscled monsters swinging greataxes fell upon me, forcing a halt and desperate defence.

Sauntering up with a wink, my compatriot Halfling spun one of the Beserk moron around, enraging it into charging him, whence he quickly sidestepped and the muscle-bound idiot went straight into a hole! Oh, was he raging once he picked himself off the floor down there!

Somehow my blows failed to connect with that slippery clay goblin, and he disappeared down the hole as well, but floating on his little wings. I sighed, snapped my fingers a few times and some vamping spawn went down in righteous flames like the snarling animals they are.

Ah, I’m rambling. Despite some rather ill words from the underpriest and a raging beserker trying to climb a bloody chain, things were pretty cut and dry until I jumped down the hole in an attempt to shut that stupid human beast up. I missed, unfortunately, and was thanked for my trouble when some clown started throwing corpses down the hole. Comedians.

After pulling myself from under the corpse pile, I don’t remember much except suddenly being immobilised, then flashing swords and skeletal grins. I think I blacked out for a few seconds, because by the time I was aware what was going on my mates were down here with me and laying into everything about. Moradin graciously smote a few more skellies for me, then we were down to a pompous guy in black robes. I guess he was running the show, because he was chanting alot and Orcus was blocking my connection to Moradin.



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