What's been happening while our heroic homos rest up in the keep dungeons?

After a bloody fight with the goblins guarding the entrance to this dark and forbidding place, the party travelled north along a passage and discover a small room. A wooden door is set in the wall to the west, leading to a room full of naked corpses. Another similar door is in the north which has not been opened. Dry blood is stains a trail across the room between the north and west doors.

Merlin and Gardain stand near the center of the room, quietly discussing the situation. The others are slumped against the wall, eating rations and adjusting their gear.

Merlin: I don’t like this. Too much dark magic in the air. I highly doubt the kidnapped people are alive at this point.
Gardain: Maybe so. But we must know for sure, and if they have all perished, then we will bring divine retribution upon their murderers no matter the cost!
Merlin looks visibly agitated at this statement.
Merlin: What? Listen to me you no good halfling, if you must be an idiot, don’t do it around me.
Gardain clenchs his jaw and answers slowly.
Gardain: No good Halfling? I have saved your hide many a time you…you prancing fairy elf!
Merlin is red in the face and shouting at this point. The others look on with amusement (Marlo, however, is stony-faced).
Merlin: Prancing fairy elf? From something that is only worthy of mating with a goblin, that’s rich! Kill yourself if you wish, but I will not have anything to do with it.
Merlin begins turn away, and Gardain’s beard is bristling as he bellows!
Gardain: How dare you call me a goblin lover! You will indeed have nothing to do with this fight – and we shall be victorious in spite of you!
Gardain swings his shiny new hammer in a clean arc, smashing it into a surprised Merlin’s skull. Gardain looks astonished at his own actions, and shakes his head to clear it.
Gardain: What happened? The evil magicks of this place must be meddling with our thoughts. I am sorry my friend, hopefully you will forgive (or forget) my brash action. AND stop calling me a Halfing Goblin-lover.
Gardain picks up Merlin and gently puts him down in the Northwest corner of the room, with his pack as a pillow.

The party settles down to rest while Lloric stands guard. However due to his earlier exertions, he too nods off after a few minutes.

Shadows and whispers flit through the room as the party dreams…



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