Story so far

Our intrepid adventurers began their story just outside Harken Village, on the Southeastern section of the Old King’s Road in the Nentir Vale. After meeting on the Kings Road, they decided to form a group, in order to increase their chances of loot. To seal the deal they all had an uneasy group hug. Merlin, however, was disgusted at this behaviour and called them all a “bunch of homos’”. Thus the adventuring party MERLIN AND HIS BUNCH OF HOMOS was born. Elections were held for a leader of the group and Marlo was elected.

Crossing the White River and arriving in Harken Village, the group immediately set out to find the local inn and get plastered. They discovered the Cliffside Brewery instead, which sounded better. Marlo informed them of the possible danger of Cliffs in the vicinity to the brewery, and immediately lost his leadership.

Plonking themselves down in the Brewery, they ordered some Ale to get started. As they waited an Old dwarf named Old Kellar approached them, requesting assistance in putting down some goblins which had holed up in the dwarven ruins under the town. After been offered a reasonable reward and (more importantly) free alcohol, they accepted, got roaring drunk, didn’t get laid, and fell asleep.

The next day they awoke and were led to the only nearby entrance to the ruins. They entered and kicked some goblin butt. Gardain briefly considered collecting the skulls of his felled opponents, but quickly abandoned the idea, what with there still being a face and such-forth still attached to most of them. After failing to prevent a goblin hexer from escaping (despite pissing on his fire until it went out), a short break back in town was in order, after which they murdered an octopus, put the fear of God into a dumb goblin, and poked a caged dire wolf until it died. Also Marlo fell in a hole.

A letter was discovered! The gist was that the Goblin Warcaster they just killed had been tasked with gathering slaves to bring back to “Base” by Chief Krand.

Travelling deeper into the dwarven city, they discovered a broad ledge overlooking an enormous cavern, with a broken, rusty elevator. They were attacked by bats and blobs, but Gladric, despite the risk, desperately attempted to investigate a nearby shrine in the hopes a divine light would strike down the bats. Unfortunately the bats got him first, and the shrine only revealed it’s treasure of a shining warhammer after a quick prayer from Gardain.

The party returned to town, drank, wenched, and slept, then set out northwest along the Old Kings Road, meeting Lloric who joined the party, and killing some kobolds in the forest along the way. They came to the largest settlement in Nentir Vale, Fallcrest. There they learned of Goblin problems and people going missing near the northwestern settlement of Winterhaven. The party drank, wenched, and slept, then set out northwest along the Old Kings Road to Winterhaven in the Cairngorn Peaks.

There they spoke to the Lord Warden of the walled town, Ernest Padraig. He requested they investigate the disappearance of some villagers from the outlying homesteads. The party accepted and set out for a likely hideout in the hills to the northeast – A ruined keep.

The party arrived and Merlin immediately felt ill at ease, noting an oppressive magical darkness over the ruin, which only got worse when they entered. Gardain immediately fell in a hole and was attacked by rats, who followed him out. The party spent the next minute of their lives shouting “RATS” and desperately fending off the rats gnawing on Gardain’s armour. Meanwhile Lloric sprinted around smashing goblins in the knees with his warhammer.

And now…



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