Game 4

Played: 2009/08/20
Party make-up: Standard

Shadowfell, Unknown location.
Players begin in Shadowfell, between a temple and a archway. Multiple skeletons (500) exit temple, 2 robed ghost mages flank archway. Unable to interact beyond removing robes from one ghost mage, party exits through portals. Merlin, Gardain and Marlo take archway exit while Lloric and Gladric exit through temple doors. Gardain notes ghost mage is able to see him as he leaves.

Shadowfell Keep, Level 1
1st Battle
Location: Torture Chamber
—Hobgoblin Torturer
—Goblin Warrior
—3x Goblin Sharpshooters
Leather Mask (custom)
+1 Bloodcut Hide Armour
—55gp, 50sp.
XP Each: 125
—Lloric earned an action point for interesting gameplay.
—Splug was encountered.

2nd Battle
Location: Crypt of Shadows
—4x Zombies
—10x Zombie Rotters
Loot: None.
XP Each: 176
—Party failed stealth check heading north.
—Splug was in party.

Game 4

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