Game 5

Played: 2009/09/10
Party make-up:
  • Merlin – Richard
  • Gardain – Harry
  • Marlo – Marco
  • Gladric – Richard
  • Lloric – Harry

Shadowfell Keep, Level 1
Crypt of Shadows

Merlin spotted a secret door in the East corridor wall.

1st Battle
Location: Hidden Armory
Opponents: 4x Phantom Warrior
Loot: +1 Black Iron Scale Mail
XP Each: 140
Other: Determined that enemies with shadow keyword are insubstantial and take only half damage from normal sources. Specific damage that targets other keywords (such as undead) is not affected.

Gardain rolled a religion check and received a compulsion to head south.

2nd Battle
Location: Skeleton Legion
  • 4x Skeleton Warriors
  • 6x Decrepit Skeletons 5th round additional:
  • 2x Skeleton Warriors
  • 8x Decrepit Skeletons Loot: None
    XP Each: 0 (Lost battle. XP each missed: 250)
    Other: Party is unconscious.

Game 5

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