Game 6

Played: 2009/09/24
Party make-up:
  • Merlin – Richard
  • Gardain – Harry
  • Marlo – Marco
  • Gladric – Tom
  • Lloric – Richard/Marco

Shadowfell, Temple to Orcus
1st Battle
Location: Path to Bone Gate
Opponents: 500 Skeletons
Loot: Holy Symbol of the Dragon +1
XP Each: NEGATIVE 200. Additional -20XP for Marlo and Gladric
Other: Objective was to escape through the bone gate before 5 rounds pass. No actual combat was performed.

Shadowfell Keep, Level 1
Sir Keegans Tomb
Party spoke with Sir Keegan and received +1 Longsword (Aecris)

Shadowfell Keep, Level 2
2nd Battle
Location: Hobgoblin Guard Room
  • 3x Hobgoblin Soliders
  • 3x Hobgoblin Grunts
  • 1x Deathjump Spider
    Loot: 10gp, 27sp
    XP Each: 110xp

Game 6

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