Game 9

Played: 2009/12/02
Party make-up:
  • Merlin – Richard
  • Gardain – Harry
  • Marlo – Marco
  • Gladric – Tom
  • Lloric – Nye

Shadowfell Keep, Level 2
Battle 1
Location: Cathedral of Shadow
Opponents: Underpriest, Beserkers, Vampire Spawn.
Loot: None
XP Each: 195 Each
Other: Clay Scout escapes down hole. Gardain pursues, causing Battle 2 to become part of the same encounter.

Shadowfell Keep, Level 2
Battle 2
Location: The Shadow Rift
Opponents: Kalarel, The Portal, Kalarel’s Clay Scout, Skeleton Sentinels, Shallowgrave Wight
Loot: +2 Dagger
Horned Helm
+2 Elven Cloak
981 GP
XP Each: 295
Other: Portal closed successfully, Major Quest Complete. Additional 150XP each awarded.


Game 9

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